Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

We are fully committed to ensuring that our staff receive outstanding professional development.

We offer a comprehensive package of continuous professional development courses and programmes including

- Teaching & Leadership Development

- Subject courses

- Teaching Support Staff courses

- Non-Teaching Support Staff courses (administration, finance, HR, site management) including certificated courses required for compliance.

Here is the CPLD booklet for 22/23:

EFSPT CPLD Booklet 2023/ 2024

Please use the booking form to make bookings in the first instance.

Our costings and cancellations policy can be view here.

All of our courses and programmes are led by qualified, trained facilitators. 100% of our courses and programmes have been evaluated as strong or very strong by at least 96% of participants.

Teaching and Leadership Development programmes follow the DfE standard for teachers' professional development.