Limes Farm WAS Award

Congratulations to Limes Farm Infant School who achieved this award in December 2020, the result of three years’ hard work. Well done to you all.

When considering Wellbeing and Mental Health Programmes for its employees, an organisation needs to be aware that such initiatives will only be effective if the basic tools of Leadership and Management are embedded within its foundations.

Job satisfaction and engagement are likely to be higher where employees have a clear Job Description and understand where their role fits into the organisation and its reporting lines. They should be able to articulate the purpose and strategy of the organisation and recognise the Leaders who are responsible for it. Good two-way communication, a consistent and supportive managerial approach based around clear policies and procedures must also be in place.

Encouraging teamwork and collaboration across teams helps to build a supportive and 'no blame' culture where employees are more likely to thrive.

Companies which have established the basics of organisational structure and communication will already have achieved a high level of employee satisfaction / engagement and this should reflect favourably on the wellbeing of most employees.

However, organisations such as these are best placed to introduce general and specifically focused wellbeing and mental health initiatives to further improve employee engagement and general wellbeing amongst the workforce.

Our Trust recognises and fully embraces this approach and constantly reflects on the wellbeing of our children, families and staff as we face these challenging times together.

Sue Sunderland