Accident Incident Reporting Investigation Procedure (February 2019)

Accounting Policies (July 2022)

Allegations Against Staff Statement of Procedure (December 2019)

Anti-Fraud, Corruption and Bribery Policy (December 2021)

Associates to the Trust Board Code of Conduct Policy (March 2021)

Capability Procedure (March 2019)

Chairs Action Guidance (October 2019)

Charging and Remissions Policy (July 2022)

Child Protection 2020 - Covid-19

Child Protection 2020 - during school closure Covid-19 (January 2021) v2

Child Protection Policy 2021 (September 2021)

Code of Conduct: Staff (March 2022)

Code of Conduct: Associates to Trust Board (September 2021)

Code of Conduct Governors and Trustees (September 2021)

Commercial Cards Policy (December 2020)

Complaints Policy (December 2021)

Data Protection Policy (July 2021)

Debt Recovery Policy (December 2021)

Discipline Dismissal Procedure (June 2020)

Early Career Teachers Induction Policy (December 2021)

Exclusions Policy (September 2022)

Executive Pay Policy (July 2022)

Financial Regulations Policy (December 2021)

Financial Reserves Policy (March 2020)

Flexible Working Procedure (April 2020)

Freedom of Information Policy (July 2019)

Gifts and Hospitality Policy (December 2021)

Governor Mentor Buddy Guidance (December 2019)

Grievance Procedure (March 2019)

Health and Safety Policy (July 2022)

Leave of Absence Policy (July 2020)

Managing Complaints Against Governors & Trustees Guidance (October 2020)Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy (December 2020) NQT Policy (July 2020)

Pay Policy 2020-2021 (November 2021)

Peer on Peer Abuse Policy (July 2021)Performance Management Procedure (March 2022)Privacy Notice Volunteers Governors Trustees (November 2019)

Probation Procedure (December 2019)

Procurement Policy (October 2019)

Redundancy and Restructuring Procedure (July 2022)Reserves and Investment Policy (July 2021)

Risk Management Policy (December 2019)

Sickness Absence Management Procedure (February 2019)

Staff Expenses Policy July 2022

Whistleblowing Policy (December 2021)

Write Off and Disposals Policy (July 2022)