Our Trust vision

The Power of Collaboration

Our core purpose is to deliver an exceptional quality of education to achieve meaningful learning for life, nurturing learners from pre-school to secondary school and beyond. Following the National Curriculum, we are ambitious and inclusive in our expectations of all pupils so that they become confident and curious global citizens, ready for their next stage of education or employment.

With a commitment to a forward-thinking, research-led, collaborative approach to professional development, we recruit and retain staff whose practice is at the highest level. We are outward-facing, with strong networks including our families, our communities and other educational organisations that enable us to harness best practice to affect a smooth transition for our pupils from one stage to the next. 

We are proud of our focus on the well-being of our children and staff, embracing the principles and values (Hope, Connection and Belonging, Compassion and Kindness) of Essex Trauma Perceptive Practice. All of our staff are trained in this approach to ensure that our children are happy and resilient. A package of measures is in place to support staff wellbeing; our strength is in our connection and our support for one another. Our connectedness enables us to unlock the potential of collaboration.